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Establishment and lodging at 1 Parliament Place, East Melbourne, VIC 3002, Australia. Here you will find detailed information about Park Hyatt Melbourne: address, phone, fax, opening hours, customer reviews, photos, directions and more.

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1 Parliament Place
East Melbourne
VIC 3002
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+61 3 9224 1234



Reviews of Park Hyatt Melbourne

    Sonny Lim Added December 22, 2022
    Good, spacious rooms, quiet and tranquil location on the edge of the city and less than 500m from the buzz of the city. Staff members everywhere were extremely polite and helpful and this aspect really stood out for me. It was near perfect, except that food options were quite limited in the two eateries and the quality was quite ordinary so we were not attempted to have meals at this hotel. The dining experience is important to the overall experience of a holiday so I have to rate it regrettably overall as 4/5. Otherwise, I would recommend this hotel without hesitation.
    K Baz Added December 21, 2022
    Lovely large rooms that are very clean.

    Huge bed that was very comfortable with lots of feather pillows available.

    The shower was good, with a large shower head and massage jets on a separate tap - however the water was not hot enough for me (I like a very hot shower).

    Mini bar options were limited though not overpriced. We did have an issue with a beer that had been opened by a previous occupier and placed back in the fridge, but this was handled in a timely manner by the concierge.

    The foyer is beautiful, with a small bar area that serves coffee, tea, cocktails and food. The cocktails were all a bit sweet and the menu had a very large number non alcoholic options. A simplification of the menu would be good - and a better selection of not sickly sweet cocktails. Beautiful part of Melbourne, but it is a bit of a walk or tram/train trip to get to the main restaurants and bars. Close to beautiful parks and gardens.
    Ideal Thunder Added December 18, 2022
    Best hotel for tourist. I just went to Australia for vacation I'm from Italy. The room was bigger than I expected and it was fancy. I like the art and tea. The view was such a vibe, so green and I can smell fresh air. I definitely recommend going to this hotel. (Low Quality because I used my older phone)
    Cindy C Rahardjo Added December 16, 2022
    My birthday staycation experience here was fabulous. I have been indulged with the convenient room and the great room service during my stay. I enjoyed the clean spacious room which is as expected. With a little noise heard from next door room at midnight, my sleep quality was still superb.

    Despite the less spacious breakfast area and limited breakfast selection, the food quality and execution was excellent. Never ever to miss order the benedict as for me this is the champion. I would also consider to try the in room breakfast for my next stay.

    Size wise, the swimming pool was also not big. When the hotel is full, it can be a bit inconvenient to access the swimming pool. For those who do serious swimming, might be better to access the pool early in the morning.

    In my conclusion, Park Hyatt Melbourne is value quality over size and quantity.
    John Sharp Added November 27, 2022
    Cons: Weird room layout, limited breakfast buffet, courtyard not accessible, bar closes at 10pm, room service stops at midnight, no bellman available when we arrived, concierge service was not five star.

    Pros: nice people, amazing location, nice lobby lounge (when it is open), comfy bed, great tasting room service meals, nice touch with the house dog.

    This hotel could easily become the best in Melbourne with a few minor changes - but the limited services available make it harder to rate higher.

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Questions & Answers

1. What is the phone number for Park Hyatt Melbourne

The phone number for Park Hyatt Melbourne is +61 3 9224 1234.

2. Where is Park Hyatt Melbourne located?

Park Hyatt Melbourne is located at 1 Parliament Place East Melbourne, VIC 3002.

3. Is there a primary contact for Park Hyatt Melbourne

You can contact Park Hyatt Melbourne by phone using number +61 3 9224 1234.

4. What is the web address (URL) for Park Hyatt Melbourne

The website for Park Hyatt Melbourne is


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