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Establishment and lodging at 179 Powlett Street, East Melbourne, VIC 3002, Australia. Here you will find detailed information about City Edge Serviced Apartments - East Melbourne: address, phone, fax, opening hours, customer reviews, photos, directions and more.

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179 Powlett Street
East Melbourne
VIC 3002
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+61 1300 248 933



Reviews of City Edge Serviced Apartments - East Melbourne

    Brendan W Added May 27, 2022
    Smooth after hours check in but there was where it ended. Checked the bed and found a pillow case had red stained spots on it. I pray it wasn't blood. (see photo) Ground floor apartment and the windows were filthy. (See photo). And then the bathroom. On a hook behind the door I found a wet hand towel, not cleaned from previous guests. The hand basin was filthy (see photos)
    The room was adjacent to the sliding door exit. The door opening and closing all night was very noisy, I might as well have been sleeping in foyer. No extra blankets available in room.
    Not even a HD television with majority of basic channels having audio reception only.
    Never ever again. I wonder if the owners ever read the reviews?
    Vicki Lemaire Added May 21, 2022
    Each level in the apartment building in Gipps Street has a sunken step down then up. The floor carpet is in dark navy and the steps are hard to see. Both my husband and I tripped and fell on the step. If they could put a strip of warning tape to indicate where the step is, that would make the area safer for visitors.
    Devin Carruthers Added May 15, 2022
    Absolutely disgusted. First arrived, another customer told us not to stay here as it was horrible, our room was 4 blocks from the reception, the room looked nothing like the photos and looked like a drug den. Was dirty all around, smelt and was not a pleasant experience. They were also very difficult to receive a refund from. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND.
    Naomi Cobden Added May 05, 2022
    This place is appalling and shouldn’t be allowed to operate. The room was covered in stains from the floor, blinds, walls to the roof. There was a hole is the ceiling where I can only assume the fire alarm used to be. All the furniture looked like it was picked up from rubbish left on the side of the road. Everything was so filthy and clearly hadn’t been cleaned that we didn’t want to take our shoes off. It also stunk so badly that we felt physically ill. We left shortly after arrival and decided not to stay as we didn’t want to catch something. The photos on are inaccurate and the property doesn’t seem to care about their guests. They refused to refund us despite the false advertising. It wasn’t even that cheap. The only thing going for it was location, but that wasn’t enough…. Avoid at all costs!!!
    n0cturnal2 Added April 30, 2022
    Location is great, close to the city but not too close, lots of free parking, bathroom was renovated

    However the positives were outweighed by the negatives
    - Laundry facilities were not available, needed to bring washing to the main building - machines didn't look too good - ended up using a nearby laundromat
    - Wifi too slow, was better off using hotspot
    - Drainage in bathroom very poor, water would pool on the floor, very dangerous with kids around
    - Only one toilet roll provided for a family of 6 for three nights?
    - Not enough cutlery provided for the number of guests
    - Very old rusty toaster
    - Cleaner came knocking at 10am... on the dot

    This place is perfect if your purely looking for a place to sleep and not looking for any creature comforts

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Questions & Answers

1. What is the phone number for City Edge Serviced Apartments - East Melbourne

The phone number for City Edge Serviced Apartments - East Melbourne is +61 1300 248 933.

2. Where is City Edge Serviced Apartments - East Melbourne located?

City Edge Serviced Apartments - East Melbourne is located at 179 Powlett Street East Melbourne, VIC 3002.

3. Is there a primary contact for City Edge Serviced Apartments - East Melbourne

You can contact City Edge Serviced Apartments - East Melbourne by phone using number +61 1300 248 933.

4. What is the web address (URL) for City Edge Serviced Apartments - East Melbourne

The website for City Edge Serviced Apartments - East Melbourne is


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